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Conference One Act Information

November 02, 2018


East Husker Conference One-Act Competition

Hosted by Leigh Community Schools

November 13, 2018—Beginning at 9:00 am


We are excited to host the conference competition on November 13.  We hope you and your teams are having a great season and enjoying your first performances.   Competition will begin at 9 am.

The Leigh High School gym (310 Short Street) will open at 8 am.  You may drop off your actors and set at the back entrance through the shop door, which faces east.  Our parking is very limited, so once you have unloaded your set, your buses, trucks, and trailers can be parked on any of the side streets.  We ask that you do not park directly in front of the school on Ash Street in order to accommodate for spectator parking. After you are done performing, we ask that you have a trailer waiting to load your set pieces behind the shop door (the same place you unloaded).

All schools will be given a designated area in the gym. The designated area refers to where the sets will be placed in the gym prior to the performance.  After you arrive and unload your set through the shop door, you will need to find your area. Please unload your set upon arrival. Sets should not be unloaded during another school’s performance.  Please load and unload in between performances. Keep in mind that the door from the shop room that leads to the stage and gym is a standard door.

Please send your cast/crew list by November 9th or please notify me that you have entered your play online through NSAA and I will get it from there.  **Also please send me your list of “Outstanding Tech Crew” award winners ahead of time so we can provide certificates for those individuals.

Stage Dimensions: Our stage is very basic and traditional.  Our stage is 20 feet deep and 30 feet wide. There is 11 feet of vertical space before actors’ heads start getting lost in the lights.  There is 3 feet from our stage to the gym floor. There are no steps leading off the front of the stage. There are side curtains, a back curtain, and a regular front curtain that opens and closes to the audience. There are doors on each side of the stage that allow performers to exit onto the gym floor.

Equipment: Our lights are adequate, but nothing fancy.  We have overhead stationary stage lights, but no footlights.  There is one light bar with white bulbs, and two rows of colored stage lights.  There are dimmer switches for each set of lights. An assigned helper will be there to assist you with the light panel if you need it.  We also have one basic spotlight that you are welcome to use.

Our sound system is also nothing special.  We will offer a sound booth in the back of the gym that you can connect to a laptop.  We can offer a microphone, but I do ask that you let me know ahead of time if you need one.

If you require electrical outlets for additional equipment, please let us know upon arrival. Some of our outlets in the bleachers shut down when turning off the gym lights. We would want to ensure you have a live connection.

Concessions/Hospitality Room: There will be a hospitality room provided for directors, drivers, administrators and judges.  There will also be a concession stand in the lobby of the gym that will offer snacks and lunch items. We ask that you do not have coolers, food, or drink anywhere except in the gym or gym lobby.

Maps: A map of the school with room assignments on it will be provided upon arrival.

Critique Room/Green Rooms/Hospitality Room— The hospitality room will be on the main floor of the school in room 201.  The band room south of the stage will be the critique room. Each school will also have their own classroom to prepare for their performance. Actors may change clothes in the bathrooms, but we ask that all make-up/hairspray/glitter stay out of the commons areas. The commons area is by the main office. It is a small space and a walkway between the different levels in the building.  Please also keep make-up/hairspray/glitter out of the cafeteria. All make-up/hairspray/glitter should be confined to the team’s individual classroom. Each classroom will be monitored by a teacher, but please remind students to be respectful of teachers’ rooms and property. Each school should use their designated classroom only for getting ready. We ask that coaches advise their students to stay in the gym and watch the other plays as much as possible.


9:00:    Humphrey

9:45:    Oakland-Craig

10:30:  Clarkson

11:15:  Howells-Dodge

Lunch Break

12:30: Scribner-Snyder

1:15:   Lyons-Decatur

2:00:   Pender

2:45:   Bancroft-Rosalie

3:30:   Leigh

If I am forgetting anything or if you have ANY questions, my email is khollatz@leigh.esu7.org.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want to stop by the school and view the stage area on a date prior to the performances, please contact our Principal, Troy Holmberg, at 402-487-2228.  I look forward to seeing all of you on the 13th!

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