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Junior High Track

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Junior High Track Meet Results

April 05, 2017


Results from Madison meet:  7th grade girls finished 2nd as a team!  Jenny Guerra - 5th Discus; Alexis Knapp - 1st HJ, 1st 100, and 1st 200; Morgan Gall 3rd TJ and 3rd 200; Faith Indra - 5th TJ, 3rd 1600, and 5th 195H; Kennedy Settje - 1st LJ and 2nd 400; McKenna Stodola - 4th LJ, 5th 400, and 4th 200; Makenna Held - 4th Shot and 4th 800; Melissa Bunner - 2nd 100; 4X100 of Morgan, Kennedy, Melissa, and Alexis 1st.  4X100 of Jenny, Natalie Brabec, Bailee Graybill, and Cortlynn Cadwallader 3rd; 4x400 of Morgan, Faith, Makenna, and McKenna 3rd.

8th grade girls finished 1st!  Bethany Rupprecht - 1st Discus and 2nd shot; Bridget Rupprecht - 4th Disc and 5th Shot; Riana Grotelueshen - 3rd HJ; Alicia Vodehnal - 5th HJ; Kayden - 1st TJ NEW RECORD and 3rd 400; Cassidy Hoffman - 2nd TJ, 1st 400 and 3rd 195H; Alissa Kasik - 2nd LJ and 1st 100H, Kyleigh Rayback - 2nd 100H and 3rd 100; Madisyn Pelan - 3rd 100H, 1st 195H, 2nd 200; Molly Langhorst - 2nd 1600; 4X100 of Bethany, Bridget, Molly, and Grace Baumert 3rd; and 4X400 of Kayden, Alissa, Riana, and Cassidy 1st.

Results from Battle Creek Meet:  7th grade team finished 4th.  Alexis Knapp - 1st 100, 2nd 200, and 1st HJ; Kennedy Settje - 6th 200, 3rd 400, and 1st LJ; McKenna Stodola - 6th 400 and 5th LJ; Melissa Bunner - 3rd LJ; Morgan Gall - 4th TJ; Faith Indra - 6th TJ; Jenny Guerra - 6th Shot and 6th Disc; 4X100 of Morgan, Kennedy, Melissa, and Alexis 2nd; and 4X400 of Morgan, McKenna, Bailee Graybill and Makenna Held 5th.

8th grade team finished 4th.  Emily Loseke - 1st 100 and 1st 200 NEW RECORD, Madisyn Pelan - 6th 200; Cassidy Hoffman - 3rd 400 NEW RECORD and 3rd TJ; Kayden Schumacher - 5th 400 and 2nd TJ; Rylee Olson - 2nd 800; Molly Langhorst - 4th 800; Alissa Kasik - 6th 100H and 4th LJ; Kyleigh Rayback - 6th 195H; Riana Grotelueschen - 5th HJ; Bethany Rupprecht - 6th Shot; and Alisha Holmberg - 6th Disc; 4X100 of Kyleigh, Madisyn, Emily, and Bailey Lemburg - 2nd; and 4X400 of Kayden, Alissa, Riana, and Cassidy - 3rd.    

Wisner-Pilger meet:

7th grade Girls Results:  Alexis Knapp - 1st 100, 3rd LJ, 2nd HJ; Melissa Bunner - Tied for 2nd 100 and 6th 200; Kennedy Settje - Tied for 1st 200, 2nd 200, and 2nd LJ; McKenna Stodola - 3rd 200, tied for 4th 400, and 4th LJ; Makenna Held - 6th 800; Faith Indra - 5th 1600; Cortlynn Cadwallader - 6th Disc; Morgan Gall - 4th 200 and 6th LJ; Justine Thompson - 5th Shot; Jenny Guerra - 6th Shot; 4X100 Relay of Morgan, Kennedy, Faith, and Alexis 1st; and 4X400 Relay of Morgan, McKenna, Justine, and Makenna 3rd.  The girls were Runner-Ups with 98 points.

8th grade Girls Results: Emily Loseke - 1st 100, 2nd 200, and 2nd LJ; Madisyn Pelan - 4th 400, Tied for 3rd 195H, and 3rd 100H; Rylee Olson - 2nd 800; Bailey Lemburg - 6th 800; Molly Langhorst - 3rd 1600; Kyleigh Rayback - 6th 195H and 5th 100H; Bethany Rupprecht - 2nd Disc and 5th Shot; Cassidy Hoffman - 2nd 400, 2nd 195H, and broke the record in TJ 2nd; Kayden Schumacher - Tied for 4th 100, Tied for 3rd 200; Rebroke Cassidy’s record and 1st in TJ; 4X100 Relay of Emily, Madisyn, Kyleigh, and Bailey 1st; and 4X400 Relay of Kayden, Riana, Rylee, and Cassidy 2nd.  The girls were Champions with 128 points. 



Results from Madison meet: Boys finished in 2nd place as a team! Tommy McEvoy- 1st 100, 200, 400, and LJ NEW SCHOOL RECORD; Trevor Zulkoski- 1st TJ, 5th LJ; Carter Hanel- 2nd Disc; Jarred Novotny- 2nd 400, 4th HJ; Noah Holoubek- 3rd 400; Lance Paprocki- 4th 100, 4th TJ; Tobby Shaw- 5th 100; Austin Sayers- 4th Shot, 5th Disc; Layne Krutz- 5th Shot; Gavin Novotny- 5th 195H; 4 x 100 of Mitchel Beeson, Lance Paprocki, Tobby Shaw, Trevor Zulkoski- 2nd; 4 x 100 of Noah Holoubek, Brock Marxsen, Logan Schroeder, Isaac Rotenburg- 4th; 4 x 400 of Mitchel Beeson, Lance Paprocki, Carter Hanel, Jarred Novotny- 2nd.

Results from Battle Creek meet: 7th grade boys finished in 4th place. Carter Hanel- 1st Disc, 3rd Shot, 4th 1600; Jarred Novotny- 2nd 400, 4th LJ; Kanyon Held 4th Disc; Mitchel Besson 5th Shot; Jacob Eisenmann- 6th Shot; 4 x 400 of Jarred Novotny, Carter Hanel, Mitchel Beeson, Noah Holoubek 2nd; 4 x 100 of Brock Marxsen, Logan Schroeder, Kanyon Held, Noah Holoubek- 5th.
8th grade boys finished in 5th place. Tommy McEvoy- 1st- 100, 200, LJ, 2nd- 400 NEW SCHOOL RECORD; Lane Kudera- 4th 110H Austin Sayers- 5th Shot; 4 x 100 of Layne Krutz, Lance Paprocki, Tobby Shaw, Lane Kudera- 4th; 4 x 400 of Lance Paprocki, Tobby Shaw, Trevor Zulkoski, Lane Kudera- 4th.

Wisner-Pilger meet 4/4/17

7th grade Boys Results: Carter Hanel- 1st Disc (set school record), 2nd Mile, 3rd Shot; Jarred Novotny- 2nd 400, 2nd HJ; Gavin Novotny- 3rd Mile; Mitch Beeson- 5th Shot; Cooper Vance- 6th Shot; 4 x 100 Relay of Mitch Beeson, Brock Marxsen, Kanyon Held, Logan Schroeder 4th, 4 x 100 Relay of Gavin Novotny, Colyn Dlouhy, Jacob Eisenmann, Isaac Rotenburg 5th; 4 x 400 relay of Mitch Beeson, Carter Hanel, Gavin Novotny, and Jarred Novotny 5th; Boys placed 4th out of 10 teams.

8th grade Boys Results: Tommy McEvoy- 1st LJ, 1st 100, 1st 200, 1st 400; Trevor Zulkoski- 3rd TJ, 4th 800; Lane Kudera- 4th TJ; 4 x 400 relay of Lance Paprocki, Lane Kudera, Tobby Shaw, Trevor Zulkoski 4th. Boys finished 3rd out of 8 10 teams. 

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