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6th Grade Winter Olympics 2019

February 22, 2019


6th Grade Winter Olympics 2019

Written by the 6th graders


Olympics in school? This year, Mr. Faltys, our social studies teacher decided to put a twist on our test about ancient Greece.  First we did presentations about a Greek god, and then we got to compete in our own version of the Olympics!

Our 6th Grade Winter Olympics consisted of 5 games; they were called Pentathlon in Ancient Greece. The events that we competed in were the javelin, shot put, curling, broad jump, and foot race. For javelin, we used a PVC pipe and threw it as far as we could. We used a weighted ball to throw for shot put. For the curling competition, we had partners and one person was on a scooter and the other person pushed them across the gym, trying to get to a certain point.  Broad jump was for us to show how far we could jump from a standing position.

We completed four different races for the foot race portion of the Olympics. One was to sprint across the gym and back, and we were timed. Then we did a wheelbarrow race with partners, to half court and back. For the third race, we had different partners and we taped our ankles together and we raced across the gym and back. The last race was to run 5 laps around the gym.

Mr. Faltys told us, “The Olympics originated in Greece, which we were studying at the time and I thought it would be fun to put on our own version. I thought your class would enjoy competing against one another.” We asked him what his favorite part was and he said, “What I liked the most about the Olympics was seeing the kids compete and have fun doing it. The competitors had two events where they teamed up with a classmate to compete and three events that were on their own. Out of all the events, curling was my favorite because one student was the stone and the other teammate was the pusher of the stone.”

Now that you’ve heard from the man who started our Olympics, we need to hear from the athletes. “I thought it was fun, some people got competitive, but at least we tried,” Gabby explained. Jerzzi said, “Some people didn’t know how to do the events but they tried hard and learned how to do it.” Rylee, who placed second, said, “ I had fun! All in all I had a good time with my classmates.”

Mr. Faltys even kept score of the results. Everyone got points for the events but they increased with those that got first, second, third, and so on. The final top three competitors were: Cadence Indra in first with 95 points, Rylee Balzer in second with 85 points, and Rosie Guillen in third with 79 points.

Somethings that we learned from this experience, is the Olympics made strong bonds between competitors. We also learned how to have fun and do the events with classmates and laugh at ourselves. We also learned good sportsmanship and how to work with teammates. We realize that this may be the end of our Olympic journey … just maybe.

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