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Speech Team Results

The OID team received  6TH PLACE at State Speech. The team consists of Mitch Beeson, Drew Beeson, Melissa Bunner, Ella Kappel, and Ashly Villeda-Guillen

Serious: Hazel-8th place

Entertainment: Rosie-10th

Inform: Teagan-10th

Way to go Clarkson speech team on such a successful season!



Congratulations to the team!!

* denotes STATE qualifiers

Inform:    5th: Ashly       3rd: Teagan*

Poetry:    6th: Ella        4th: Drew

Entertainment:    3rd: Rosie*

Extemp:    3rd: Nathaly*    Mitch: Champion!*

Persuasive:    6th: Ella    4th: Melissa

Humorous:    6th: Teagan    5th: Samuel

Serious:    3rd: Hazel*

Duet:    6th: Mitch and Drew    5th: Samuel and Ashly

OID: Champions!*    Mitch, Drew, Ella, Melissa, Ashly





Conference results from today’s meet hosted by Stanton, with a 4th place overall:

Serious: 5th: Hazel

Entertainment: 5th: Rosie

Extemp: 5th: Mitchel

Inform: 4th: Ashly

Persuasive: 3rd: Melissa

Poetry: 4th: Ella

Duet: 6th: Ashly and Samuel

OID: 3rd Mitch, Drew, Ella, Melissa, Ashly

Clarkson's Speech Team had a very successful day in Humphrey on Saturday, February 12th.

JV team were the Champions!

Results are as follows:


Inform: Teagan-Champion!

Entertainment: Rosie-Champion!

Extemp: Nathaly-2nd

Humorous: Samuel-2nd


Serious: Alyssa-4th

Poetry: Emma-7th


Duet: Rosie and Makenna-5th

Ashly and Samuel-Champion!


Persuasive: Ashly-3rd


Inform: Ashly-5th

Extemp: Mitchel-7th

Duet: Mitch and Drew-2nd

OID: 2nd

Mitch, Drew, Ella, Melissa, Ashly

Results from the North Bend meet on Saturday, January 22nd. Bringing home the 1st place over all team plaque! Nice work Clarkson Patriots!

Novice duet:

7th: Rosie and Makenna

5th: Hazel and Alyssa

Champion: Ashly and Samuel

Novice entertainment: 4th: Nathaly

Champion: Rosie

Novice Extemp: 3rd: Nathaly

Novice inform: 2nd: Teagan

Novice humorous:

5th: Addie

2nd: Teagan

Champion: Samuel

Novice poetry: 6th: Emma

Champion: Drew

Novice serious: Champion: Alyssa

Novice persuasive: Champion: Melissa

Novice OID: Champion!

Teagan, Cadence, Rylee, Korbin, Otto

Varsity duet: Champion: Mitch and Drew

Varsity inform: 3rd: Ashly

Varsity serious: 4th: Hazel

Varsity persuasive: 4th: Ashly

Varsity OID: Champions!

Mitch, Drew, Melissa, Ashly, Ella